I got a few errors "Input Axis ... is not setup" or "A game object can only be in one layer..."

Try to reinstall the asset from the store and make sure that you select all Project Settings:

Troubles with Package Manager

To solve any issue with Package Manager set the Scripting Runtime Version to .Net 4.x in the Project Settings

Or try to reset Packages by pressing [Help -> Reset Packages to defaults]

My character is not responsive

You can switch the movement type in the Controller script:

I don't see the character's UI in the game.

You should set any screen resolution:

How adjust the mobile stick range?

Open the Input menu [Edit -> USK Project Settings -> Input] and adjust the range there:

Why my character is under the ground?

To solve that open the Adjustment scene and edit the "Character height offset":

I can't find my question here.

Don't worry, just email us ( and we'll help you 😉