Red errors appear after joining multiplayer rooms

These errors has no effect on gameplay and has nothing to do with USK, because they appear in Photon scripts, so just ignore them.

The character gets stuck in the air while jumping, or walks and automatically jumps (and then falls into the ground)

Some characters have an incorrectly assigned hips bone and the character controller does not correctly calculate the floor height.

So the best solution is to open the avatar editor and set the correct bone there:

Errors after import

After importing the project, you may see red errors: no big deal, all those errors are standard Unity import errors and they can be cleared up by clicking the "Clear" button.

'CharacterHelper' does not contain a definition for...

Troubles with the Package Manager

To solve any issue with Package Manager set the Scripting Runtime Version to .Net 4.x in the Project Settings

or try to reset Packages by pressing [Help -> Reset Packages to defaults]

How to adjust the mobile stick range?

Open the Mobile Input menu by pressing [Edit -> USK Project Settings -> UI] and set the range there:

I can't find my question here.

Don't worry, just email us (gercstudio@gmail.com) and we'll help you πŸ˜‰

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