Pickup Items

Use the Pickup Item script to pick up ammo/health kits and weapons. This script has 2 pickup methods: "Raycast", "Collider" or both.
To create a pickup object, place it into your scene and add the Pickup Item script.

Collider mode

When a character enters the area, he picks up an object.

Raycast mode

When the player is in the area and the crosshair is pointed at an object, click on the [E] button to pick it up (you can edit the button in the Input Manager (Tools -> USK -> Project Settings -> Input).


You can create ammunition that is only suitable for a certain type of weapon.
  • In the Ammo Name variable, write the ammunition name
  • In the Weapon Controller script, write the same name
If you leave an empty name, the ammo can be used for any weapon.
In-game tip
If you pick up ammunition, and there is no suitable weapon in the inventory, it will be saved and hidden; And when you get the required weapon, the ammunition will be displayed.