Once created, the weapon will be positioned incorrectly in the character's hands, it's normal behavior and to fix this do the following:

  • Open the Adjustment Tools (Tools -> USK -> Adjust)

  • Place there the weapon and the characters you intend to use it with and press the Play button.

  • Select a character and weapon start adjusting.

Adjustment Tools

Settings Slot is a save layout that stores the following data: position, rotation, and size of the weapon, IK hands parameters, IK elbows/fingers parameters. You can create as many slots as you need.

Read below about the IK adjustment tools and their parameters.

pageIK Tools

Don't forget to save all your changes.

Adjustment Process

In the future, you can link settings slots with various camera views and with different characters.

  • Create 3 slots for each camera view (or as much as you need) and adjust weapon position/rotation (just move and rotate it as you need) and also hands pose for each slot.


  • If necessary, select another character and adjust this weapon for him too.

  • As a result, the weapon will have several slots, each of which corresponds to a certain character and a certain type of camera.

  • Now select the weapon prefab in the project window and open the Weapon Settings tab in the Weapon Controller script.

  • There you can link all slots you have created with camera views and characters (in this case, use various character tags).

  • After these steps, you can be sure that the weapon will work great with your characters, and therefore you can move on to adding it to the game.


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