To add a minimap to your game do the following:
    Select the Game Manager (single-player) or Room Manager (multiplayer) component in a scene
    Open the Mini-map tab and mark the 'Use' checkbox
    Place there your texture (read here about recommendations) and press the Adjust Map button
    Now you should adjust the size, position, and rotation of the 'Map Example' plane to fit your map in the scene
    After that, the mini-map is ready and you can set different parameters for it:
Rotate Mini-map
The minimap will rotate with the camera view
Rotate Blips
Opponents blips will rotate with their parents
Blips are Always Visible
If a blip is outside the mini-map, it still visible
Scale by Distance
If a blip is outside the mini-map, it still visible and is scaled relative to the 'Visible Distance' value

UI Placeholder Adjustment

In the UI Manager, you can adjust a minimap placeholder and its form.


Characters & Enemies

You can set a blip texture for characters and enemies in the Controller and EnemyController scripts respectively.
For the characters, you can also set a multiplayer blip that will be used in multiplayer games for opponents and teammates (with the corresponding color).

Pickup Items

There is the ability to set blips in the Pickup Item script (for weapons in the WeaponController script)

Other Objects

If you need to mark any other object in your scene (a target for example) use the Blip script for that - just add it to an object and set an Icon.
Use Rotation value means whether the icon will rotate with the object.
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