↔️Migration Guide

From the 1.6.5 to 1.7 version

Back up your project before upgrading!

The new version has changed the multiplayer mode. Therefore, if you are developing competitive multiplayer, then do not update to the new version, you should wait for the Advanced Multiplayer add-on to be released.

Also, if you didn't work much with the 1.6.5 version, then it's better to install the new 1.7 release into an empty project.

But if you've already done a lot of work in the 1.6.5 release, follow these steps:

  • Delete all USK tools, leaving only the following folders and your things

  • Import the new version (following the installation manual)

  • If you used AI opponents, you need to set up the scene using new tools.

pageAdding to the Game
  • In some cases, you'll need to set some parameters in scripts again (spawn points, effects, animations, etc)

If you have any problems, please contact us - gercstudio@gmail.com

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