In-game Behaviour


The enemy stands still and observes the scene (turning periodically). If he noticed a player, he will inform other AIs in the current area and they will start looking for the player. If a firefight begins, the observer will attack from his original position.

Warning State

If you mark the 'Use States' checkbox, the enemy will use Warning and Find states during the game.

How it works:

Warning State Enabled

  • If an enemy sees a character with the central vision, he will immediately attack him.

  • If the enemy sees (with the peripheral vision), hears, is close to the player or the player has shot him a few times, the warning state is activated and the enemy will look for him.

  • If while searching the enemy has found the character, he'll attack him again.

  • If the enemy doesn't see or hear the character, he looks for him for Π° while again. And after that returns to waypoints.

Warning State Disabled

  • If the enemy sees* or hears a character, he immediately attacks him.

  • If not, he immediately returns to waypoints.

*in this case, the enemy has only one (central) vision area.

Also, you can unit enemies in your scene so that act together.

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