Animated Weapons
This feature is for professionals.
You can use animated weapons with the USK.
To all parts of a weapon are animated, a path (in the character’s skeleton) to the weapon in an animation must correspond to the path to the weapon in the game - like in Generic Animations.
For Example:
You've created an animation - character with a pistol. In the animation your character bones have the struct:
Hips -> Spine -> Spine1 -> ...
If you use this animation with another character which has different bone names or struct (swat:Hips -> swat:Spine -> swat:Spine1 -> ...), the pistol won't be animated during the game.
To add animations with animated weapons do the following:
  • Import an empty animation with all weapons in the root (for example, T-Pose animation).
  • Create the Avatar Mask with this animation avatar.
  • Make sure that all animated weapons and their parts are selected in the mask
  • Add the mask to weapons animations. In each animation which contains an animated weapon, you must add the mask which you created before
  • Adjust the main Masks (Tools -> Assets -> _Masks -> BodyTop (tp,td) & BodyTop (fp)) with the T-Pose avatar (which you've imported in the 1st step). Select in the masks only animated weapons parts.

To learn how to synchronize animations with the player’s actions (for example, the spawn of magazines when reloading), read this page:
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