Animated Weapons

This feature is for professionals.

You can use animated weapons with the USK.


To all parts of a weapon are animated, a path (in the character’s skeleton) to the weapon in an animation must correspond to the path to the weapon in the game - like in Generic Animations.

For Example:

You've created an animation - character with a pistol. In the animation your character bones have the struct:

Hips -> Spine -> Spine1 -> ...

If you use this animation with another character which has different bone names or struct (swat:Hips -> swat:Spine -> swat:Spine1 -> ...), the pistol won't be animated during the game.

To add animations with animated weapons do the following:

  • Import an empty animation with all weapons in the root (for example, T-Pose animation).

  • Create the Avatar Mask with this animation avatar.

  • Make sure that all animated weapons and their parts are selected in the mask

  • Add the mask to weapons animations. In each animation which contains an animated weapon, you must add the mask which you created before

  • Adjust the main Masks (Tools -> Assets -> _Masks -> BodyTop (tp,td) & BodyTop (fp)) with the T-Pose avatar (which you've imported in the 1st step). Select in the masks only animated weapons parts.

Watch the video with an example of adding animations:

To learn how to synchronize animations with the player’s actions (for example, the spawn of magazines when reloading), read this page:

⚡pageAnimation Events

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