Input System

USK uses the new Unity Input System. This makes it easy to access different input devices as well as use one input map for any gamepads.


To enable that system do the following:

  • Make sure there's an Input System package in your project. If it's missing, download it from the Unity Package Manager.

  • After the package is installed, set the Active Input Handling to Both (Edit -> Project Settings -> Player).


After activating the Input System, you can customize the input map using the USK tools.

Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepads

To customize all input methods, open the Input Manager by pressing (Tools -> USK -> Project Settings) or use the Shift+I hotkey.

Common button names are used for the gamepad input map. This allows you to set the buttons once and they will work on all controllers (for example, Xbox and PlayStation).


To adjust mobile buttons, open the UI Manager by pressing (Tools -> USK -> UI Manager).

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