Levels (Rooms)
The main thing in a multiplayer map is the Room Manager script - it responds to everything that happens on it. To add it in a scene press [Game Object -> USK -> Room Manager].

Spawn Zones

In this tab, you should set all spawn zones, which you've created for this map.
First array for game modes without teams, the second one for game modes with them.

Capture Points

If you will use a scene with the modes in which the Match Target is the Point Redemption value. Create a few points by pressing [Game Object -> USK -> Capture Point] and set them to the script.
Domination Points are needed for modes in which the Points Count parameter is 3.
Hard Points are needed for modes with the 1 Points Count. In this case, points will be activated in turn (during the game, it'll look like one point change its position).
Read more about the difference between game modes parameters in the Lobby section.


The Default Camera is the main camera on a map. It used for the loading screens, game over menus, etc.
Spectates Cameras are needed for the game modes in which the Use Respawn parameter is not active. In this case, characters won't be respawned and players can watch for others.
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