Change Movement Animations

To change movement animations do the following:

  • Open an animator controller, which are located in Tools -> Assets -> Animator Controllers -> Character.controller

  • In the Animator window, open the <TP & TD Movement> state:

  • Then choose one of the movement states and replace animations in it.


  1. Character rotation in place

  2. Walking in the Aim State, TD Mode, and TP All Directions mode

  3. The same as in the 2nd point, but for the running

  4. Melee attacks (changes automatically based on weapon animations)

  5. Running forward in the normal state

  6. The same as in the 5th point, but for the walking

  7. Actions for the crouch mode (walking, aiming, etc.)

  8. Grenade throw (changes automatically based on grenade animations)

  9. Jumping

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