The Lobby is the main scene and component in the multiplayer mode. In there you can add characters, maps, and set other parameters.

To create a lobby manager click (Game Object -> USK -> Lobby Manager).


Add all characters you need to the appropriate section. And players can choose one of them during the game.

To prepare characters for multiplayer, see the section below.


Prepare your maps for multiplayer (see the Levels section), and indicate them in the Maps section.

Before you build a game, make sure that all scenes (including the Lobby) are in the Build Settings.

Other Parameters

Server & Check Internet Connection

If the Check Internet Connection bool is active, the Lobby Manager will first check if there is an internet connection, and then connect to the Photon server.

To check the connection, the script uses the Server value (best to write big sites there - google, unity, etc)

This solution is good for Desktop and Mobile builds because in this case, players will see a notification if they have no network connection.

But you don't need to use it for the WebGL build, so in this case, disable the bool.

If in the game lobby you see No Internet Connection status but you're sure that your device has the connection, just change the Server.

Default Avatars

Players will be able to choose one of these avatars during the game.

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