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Get Started

The main information on how to interact wit the kit.
If you want to upgrade from the previous 1.6.5 version, check out the guide below.
There are several video tutorials in various places in this documentation, but you can also find all of them in one section.
Use these tools to customize UI and Input.
Learn more about creating characters, weapons, and AI opponents in these sections:
Click below to understand the main direction of creating a single-player game.
The basics of creating a multiplayer game.
If you're going to develop a game for smartphones, you should know how to enable mobile input.
To enable the Save Sytem in your game, use the Save Manager.
To work with integrations use the Integrations Manager.
Here you will find information about other systems that can be used in all game modes.
To learn how to update the kit for use in your URP / HDRP project and how to add post-processing effects, see the section below
If you have an issue with the kit, you can probably find an answer in the FAQ.