• To add a weapon, place a prefab there.

  • About the fists attack read below ↓

pageFists Attack


  • If you have more than one weapon in a slot, you can switch them in the game. Thus, it's possible to group weapons by type (for example, the first slot has pistols, the second has machines, etc).

  • In the "Health Slot" and "Ammo Slot" will be added ammo and first aid kits that you pick up during the game.

  • The "Ammo Slot" displays a count of ammo for the weapon that is currently selected in the inventory.

  • If you have ammo in inventory that is suitable for several types of weapons – they will be displayed with all of them, but after you use this ammunition for one gun, they will be deleted in other weapons (that makes sense πŸ™‚).

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