You can create unique waypoints for each enemy, for this do the following:

  • Create a Movement Behaviour by pressing (GameObject -> USK -> Movement Behaviour).

  • Then create a few waypoints and place them as you need.

When you click on the "+" button, a point is created; when you click on the "-", it is deleted.

Each point has 2 parameters:



Next Action

  • Next Point - the enemy will move to the next waypoint after the current point.

  • Random Point - the enemy will find a random waypoint and move to it after current.

  • Nearest Point - the enemy will find the nearest point and move to it after current.

  • Stop - the enemy will finish patrolling.


The enemy will stop near the point and wait for some time. In this state, one of the find animations will be played.

  • After you finish creating the Movement Behavior, set it in the script AI Controller script.

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