View Area

Use settings in the EnemyController script to adjust the visibility range. During the game, if a character enters this area, the enemy will see him.


If you set the Use States checkbox the enemy will use Warning and Find state during the game.

How it works:

  • If the enemy sees or/and hears (read here about the character's noise) a character for a while or the character has shot him a few times, the enemy's warning state is activated and he will look for him.

  • If the enemy has found the character the attack state will be activated.

  • If the enemy doesn't see or hear the character, he looks for him for а while again. And after that returns to a waypoint.

If you're using states, you should set the Find Animations:

If this feature isn't active the enemy will do the following:

  • If the enemy sees or hears the character, he immediately attacks him.

  • If not, he immediately returns to a waypoint.