Movement Behaviour

1) First of all, you need to bake the scene:

  • Mark all objects in the scene as Navigation Static

  • Go to [Window -> AI -> Navigation- > Bake]

2) Then create the Movement Behaviour by pressing [GameObject -> USK -> AI Behaviour].

In this component, you can create waypoints. They have a few parameters:



Next Action

  • Next Point - the enemy will move to the next waypoint after the current point.

  • Random Point - the enemy will find a random waypoint and move to it after current.

  • Nearest Point - the enemy will find the nearest point and move to it after current.

  • Stop - the enemy will finish patrolling.


The enemy will stop near the point and wait for some time. In this state, one of the find animations will be played.

Read below how to add the Behaviour to the enemy: